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Netmediauk and Netmediathailand are proud to announce their newest website and this will become our main focus, so for blogs and information on how to get your website to the very top and converting Internet surfers into your customers visit us here:

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Social Media Marketing for business in Thailand and Global

The biggest question I get asked is will all this time and effort I will need to put in to be successful online be worth it?

I will add' yes' but not before you are pulling your hair out and about to give up!

Regardless of what you do for a business Internet Marketing works, even if you are an undertaker!

You are in business to sell, and regardless whether you require a consultative sale as in you need to meet your potential clients perhaps many times before you may close a deal. You need to brand yourself online and that can be done over a few months with SMM (Social Media Marketing).

The actual time it takes to build up a decent targeted following on all Social Media is one person about a year 8 hours a day for 6-12 months.

Don't have that kind of time or want to employ a Social Media Marketing person full time (30,000 USD P/A average) like many companies are doing now..then contact me.

We run over 30 websites for clients and all their attributed Social Media, We do all their blogs and content, Some clients just give us a product and we do the rest, however some clients want to learn to do for themselves and we teach them everything from opening up a Facebook group and page to advanced website design, hosting  and blog content.

For a no obligation 'look at your website' and your online brand position and to see what Social Media Marketing can do for you

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